Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Importance of Lullabies

Sometimes in our hectic LA lives, its hard to remember to slow down and connect with ourselves and with our children. The lullaby is the perfect time to take that moment and just be with your child. We have just gone through a very exciting class, finished drumming, which is always everyone's favorite part, and its time to take some deep breaths and just be present and connect.  Sometimes this is really hard to do.  Since its at the end of class, you might start thinking about where you're going next, what you are going to make for lunch, where you left your shoes, or maybe you just want to chat with another mom who you've been waiting all week to see in class again. I encourage you to stay present and take the opportunity to really enjoy the quiet, still time with your baby. 

Its not about me giving a little concert so everyone can pay attention to me and how nicely I play and sing the lullaby; its about you singing to your child and taking the time to nurse, cuddle or bond in whatever way is best for you and your child. I'm simply the guide on the journey. I've had people say to me countless times how nice my voice is or how much nicer it sounds when I sing than when they sing, and they are worried that their voice is in some way not good enough for their child, but believe me, to your child, your voice is golden. It is the sweetest, most soothing voice on the planet. So, if you don't know the words, just hum along or sing on "ooh" or "la" or another simple sound and let that sweet sound wash over your child.

If your child is at an age where he or she wants to crawl around or prefers bonding with movement, thats fine. You can let them crawl and explore while you are still quietly sitting and singing along or you can stand and gently sway with your baby if that is the kind of soothing that works best.

I encourage you to embrace this quiet time for what it is. It is a very intentional, very valuable part of the class, but too often it becomes a time to chat with neighbors, to start gathering stuff to go or any number of busy activities our lives in LA are full of. If you sing only one song in class (I hope you sing them all!), let this be the one.

Peace and blessings.

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